Centrans Energy Services

Centrans Energy Services, Inc. (CES) is a key part of the conglomerate of companies of Centrans Group. CES began operations in 1995, in order to participate in the Puerto Quetzal Power Corp. (PQPC) project in Guatemala.

CES and the Centrans Group in general, was closely linked to the arrival in Guatemala and the entry into operation of PQPC, the first private power plant in Central America. PQPC was mounted on two power barges (Enron I and Enron II) powered by internal combustion engines using bunker fuel with a total capacity of 110 MW and located in the auxiliary services dock of Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. In 1996, CES acquires a 50% stake in PQPC and thereafter actively participates with his partner at the time, Enron, in the expansion of this project. In 1999, 124 MW of merchant power generation capacity is added by the arrival in Puerto Quetzal of Esperanza barge. The company that owns both projects (the original 110 MW and additional 124 MW) was then called PQP LLC.

In 2007, Centrans Energy Services, Inc. sold its equity interest in PQP LLC to Ashmore Energy International (AEI) and increases its expansion plans across Central America.

Currently, Centrans Energy Services has an active participation in the co-ownership and management of a portfolio of more than 235 MW of installed capacity in the Central American region with 3 wind farms and 2 thermal plants.

Centrans Energy Services (CES), in association with IC Power (www.icpower.com) has investments in four power generation projects in Nicaragua: