Amayo I & II

The Amayo Wind Farm is located in the town of Rivas, 129 km southeast of Managua, Nicaragua. It consists of 30, 2.1 MW turbines for a total of 60 MW of installed capacity. Amayo I & II were built on farmland on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, extending 2 km on either side of the Interamerican Highway. Amayo I was the pioneer of large-scale wind power generation in Central America, paving the way for the rise of this type of energy in Nicaragua and the rest of the region.

The Amayo Wind Farm was developed in two phases:

  • Consorcio Eólico Amayo: known as Amayo I, which is operational since March 2009 and has 19 turbines for a total capacity of 39.9 MW.
  • Consorcio Eólico Amayo (Phase II): known as Amayo II, which began operations in 2010, adding 23.1 MW of installed capacity by 11 additional turbines.

In total, the two wind farms employ 30 Suzlon wind turbines model S88-2.1 of 2.1 MW each, mounted on top of a 79-meter-high tower consisting of four sections of high strength steel.

Amayo I & II are located in a privileged site in terms of the wind resource they harness, with constant and high speed winds for the most part of the year. In total, the Amayo Wind Farm produces approximately 240,000 MWh of clean, renewable energy per year for a capacity factor of over 40%.