Empresa Energética Corinto (EEC)

Empresa Energética Corinto Ltd. (EEC) is a 71 MW power plant located in the port of Corinto, Nicaragua, 144 kilometers northwest of Managua. EEC comprises the Margarita II barge, docked at a neighboring dock to the port of Corinto, producing power by means of four internal combustion MAN B&W engines powered by bunker fuel.

The EEC Project was born when Centrans Energy Services obtained a 50 MW PPA with the former state-owned distributor ENEL (now Disnorte-Dissur) through a bidding process. This PPA was contributed to the Empresa Energetica de Corinto Ltda., partering with Enron for the further development of the project. EEC went into commercial operation in 1999 and since its inception Centrans Energy Services has been actively involved in the management of the company, which currently shares with the israeli company IC Power (www.icpower.com), a subsidiary of Israel Corporation Ltd.

The Margarita II barge has 21 MW of additional capacity to the 50 MW contracted through the PPA with Disnorte-Dissur; these additional 21 MW are sold to large users of the Nicaraguan market.