Founded in 1982, Representaciones, Importaciones y Exportaciones, S.A. –Repimex, S.A.– is a leading stevedoring and cargo handling company in Guatemala. The company also provides cargo-weighing and equipment rental services, primarily in Guatemala’s Pacific Coast port, Puerto Quetzal. Cargo weighing services are also provided in Puerto Santo Tomás de Castilla, in the Atlantic Coast port of Guatemala.

In 2013, Repimex handled over 70% of the bulk cargo imported through Puerto Quetzal, with 75% of it being grains, such as corn, wheat, rice, and soybeans, with the remainder being primarily fertilizers and steel products. Repimex main clients include some of the largest companies in Guatemala, in diversified industries such as agribusiness, food and beverages, and fertilizers, amongst others.

As part of its expansion strategy, Repimex developed in Puerto Quetzal, on the Pacific coast of Guatemala, a port terminal specialized for the discharge of bulk minerals. More about Bulk Minerals Terminal Project (TGM).


Inversiones en Maquinaria, S.A. is a joint venture between Repimex and Pacific Terminals, Ltd. (Terpac, Ltd.) –an affiliate of Archer Daniels Midland Company (“ADM”), Cerveceria Centro Americana, PAF Group and Centia Mills– to provide heavy machinery rental services for stevedoring, cargo-handling and other related activities in Puerto Quetzal. Formed in 2008, INMAQSA has more than 15 units of heavy machinery (front loaders, bulldozers, forklifts and clams) for ship unloading in Puerto Quetzal, as well as other related activities.


Guatemar, S.A. is a joint venture between Repimex and Glencore International, S.A. (guatemalan subsidiary of the Swiss company Glencore) founded in 1993. Its main activity consists in leasing storage tanks for petroleum and petroleum derivatives in a storage terminal installed inside the Free Trade Zone –Zolic in Spanish- located in Puerto Santo Tomas de Castilla on the Atlantic coast of Guatemala. Guatemar facilities include 8 tanks for a total storage capacity of 240,000 barrels.