Bulk Minerals Terminal (TGM)

As part of its expansion strategy, Repimex was granted in 2008 by the port Authority of Puerto Quetzal a 25-year usufruct concession to build and operate a bulk minerals port terminal (Terminal de Graneles Minerales, TGM, for its acronym in Spanish) on an area of land consisting in about 130,000 square meters that, since April 2015, provides stevedoring services –discharge, transfer, storage, dispatch, and cargo-weighing services– primarily to companies that operate coal-fired power plants. Coal and pet-coke are the primary products currently handled at the TGM Terminal. However, the Terminal will also have the capability of handling other bulk solids such as limestone, gypsum, clinker, and fertilizers.

Repimex’s new Bulk Minerals Terminal has proven to be a solution to existing cargo flow capacity constraints at Puerto Quetzal –Guatemala’s most active port– and will facilitate the supply of coal and pet-coke to power generators. Through the Bulk Materials Terminal, Repimex will be the exclusive and long-term provider of stevedoring and cargo-handling services to AEI’s new 300MW Jaguar Energy power plant.

The main facilities and equipment making up Repimex’s Terminal include: berthing dolphins, receiving hoppers –enabled both for clam and conveyor systems discharge–, transfer by conveyor belts, storage area capacity of approximately 300,000 tons, heavy machinery for product dispatching, weighing equipment and office buildings.

The Terminal is currently partially operational and its construction will be fully completed by May 2016.